Creative fun with Oly*Fun !


My YouTube channel is Lizaspaperpassion because I truly have a passion for papercrafting.  I   began my journey in the crafting world when I was pregnant with my son who is now almost 12.  Over the past few years, I branched out into various types of crafting and most recently sewing.  My mom gifted me a sewing machine last year and I started doodling around with small projects.  It wasn’t until I started my FaceBook Group Totally Tilda that I started making dolls, specifically Tilda dolls.  I love both sewing Tilda projects and paper projects.

I had the pleasure of meeting Niki Sargent meiners on FaceBook and she asked me to a guest designer and create a few projects using Oly*Fun by Fairfiled.  I have used a lot of the stuffing made by Fairfield by never heard of Oly*Fun.  She sent me some samples in the mail in grey, green, white and my favorite color pink.  It feels like fabric but cuts beautiful and no hemming required.  So as I felt the fabric in my hands, my mind wondered to all the beautiful projects I can make and I had to narrow down and focus (hard to do sometimes).

Niki, I am honored you chose me to design some projects for Fairfield, I had a love of fun with this Oly*Fun project and definitely plan on incorporating into my sewing and paper crafting projects.  One thing I loved when I went to the company blog is the first line that reads: “Crafting is a passion that allows each of us to express ourselves in ways that are truly unique, to lovingly create with our hands that which we hold dear to our hearts.” When I make projects for family and friends and swaps, I make them with love and it is so nice to see that a major company like Fairfiled knows this and keeps this in mind as they make products that crafters like myself will love using.  Ok, enough words, here are pictures of my projects.  I used the Oly*Fun product to make a Tilda dressform manequin, flowers, and beautiful ice cream cone pin cushion.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please come and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun and tutorials.


With Crafty hugs,




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