Mini lace book tutorial series, yes!

I have been wanting to do a tutorial series for a long time ever since I increased by subbie base on YouTube.  I feel like I need to do something else other than post project shares and ideas. I mean don`t get me wrong, I LOVE to share my projects.  I have had a video in my “favorites” folder on YouTube for a long time and I finally decided to try it. It was a tutorial to make a book to hold laces.  I watched the video and decided to make it Liza style, which means change it up.  So I remembered this really neat binding technique using file folders.  I wanted my lace mini book to be more sturdy so that each “page” would be hearty enough to hold thicker trims and laces without the pages falling apart.  So I made it Liza style and decided to do a tutorial.  I started with the 1st video and paused each time there was a repetitive action, I just didn`t think people would want me to glue and ink over and over again.  I cannot believe how quickly the time flew.  I wanted to keep each video under 15 minutes for uploading on YouTube purposes.

Ok, ok, I will stop now, here is the link, check it out and please leave comments, and I apologize in advance for all the small jokes.  Maybe the smell of the glue got to my head?  LOL. Yes, I am funny, at least I think I am.  Thanks for listening….and watching.


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