All boxes are not created equal

I don`t know where I come up with my blog post titles but I think I am funny, well, at least I think so.  Ok, on with the show,  I recently watched this tutorial.
I decided to try it out but I know I didn`t want to make it with just regular paper or thick paper, no, if this box was to hold something in it, it needed to be substantial.  So I went searching in our garage to find a box and came back in the house with the box of a waffle maker we recently bought.  I stared at it and decided to start cutting it per the dimensions in the tutorial.  I assembled the box but it still had pictures of the waffle maker on the inside.  I peeled off parts of it, it exposed to corrugated texture, then I gesso`d it, then I used my favorite paper products, Prima paper and flowers and I went to town on this box.  For a few days, like a mad scientist, I kept adding stuff to it. 

Announcing my box, please let me know what you think of it.  Now, I have to put something equally extravagent in it.  Ok, that is my next project and I will do a tutorial coming up soon on a book that holds lace and trim, yes, a mini book.  Please check out my YouTube for an upcoming subbie giveaway.  I appreciate all your comments and please subscribe to my blog also.








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