My sewing journey

So today I embarked on a new sewing project. I know I know, you`re saying why is her blog called Lizaspaperpassion, she is not even talking about paper.  Hold your horses, maybe you will be inspired, you never know.  Before I got my sewing machine, I didn`t even want to look at my mom`s many complicated machines. Now, I look at them in awe and have a brand new respect for what she does.  Ok, where was I?  Oh yeah, sorry I went off on a tangent, so I was about to say that I thought my first major project should be something simple. 

After searching my favorite spot for inspiration, YouTube, I found a wonderful lady with a channel called Gemini Lady.  I was perusing her channel and found a step by step tutorial for a sewing machine cover, so I ran to Wal-Mart found something I had never laid my hands on before called fusible lining.  I measured twice, cut once, sewed, and came up with my beautiful cover.  So much better than the cheap plastic one my machine came with.  

So with 2 projects under my belt, I will find another one.  And yes, I will be posting some more papercrafting projects too.  In fact, my next project will be a lace journal, which will incorporate my love of papercrafting with my new found puppylove for sewing. I say puppy love because I just met my sewing machine and we have to get to know each other. Oh I am so funny, well, at least I am laughing.

Be happy and craft on. 


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2 thoughts on “My sewing journey

  1. Very pretty projects….you did an amazing job for your first time….it’s always nice to discover a new form of creativity and to broaden your ability to create…TFS hugs ♥Noel

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