Taking the leap

So a few weeks ago, I received a generous gift of a sewing machine from a loved one (name to remain anonymous).  It all started when I wanted to make a lace journal book and after I hand sewed it, my fingers were numb and the stitching wasn`t that great.  Shortly after that, my sewing machine arrived at my doorstep.  Her name is Sally.   Don`t ask where the name came from.  I have no idea.  So I opened the box, unpacked Sally, put it on the table, watched the long video of how to work every single feature (but don`t ask me to do a button hole just yet) and I got a piece of fabric and nothing happened.  In fact, by nothing I mean I made holes in the fabric.  In the days that followed, I tried to go to Sally with patience, and walked away fuming, each time she pushed me away not wanting to work. 

Fast forward 2 weeks, I took Sally to my mom`s house yesterday and after some surgery performed by her and and my husband, Sally started purring and she was working!  She was doing straight stiches, zig zag and everything she was destined to do.  Sally and I became friends again as Iwas taught by the master (my mom) how to thread, how to be gentle and patience with Sally. 

I am happy with my new sewing machine and now I start creating.  First project is a dress form pin cushion.  I am almost finished decorating it.  I will post pictures soon, meanwhile, here is Sally.  She is shy and the picture is kind of fuzzy, you see we just woke up and we both need our coffee.

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