My first crop….EVER!

I am blessed that I got to a go to a crop today, a PRIMA crop.  I live 10 minutes from their home office in California and they hosted their first crop today from noon to 9pm at their new warehouse.  It was phenomenal.  I wanted to go with my craft friends but none can make it so I went, had a great time, and made new friends.  Ladies from all over Southern CA had travelled and some brought nothing to do and some brought stacks of pictures and project.  I was in the latter catagory. Since it was my 1st crop, I took a bunch of supplies (which I used 1/2 off) and many projects.  Perhaps I thought this was a 10 day crop?  LOL. I just wanted to keep myself busy and out of trouble.  By trouble, not the kind you are thinking about, the kind that has $$$$$ signs.  I did go around the warehouse to see if they have put anything new out, and indeed they had.  So stay tuned to my youtube channel also named Lizaspaperpassion, for some projects using my newly acquired goodies.

I love Prima and I am glad my first crop was a Prima crop.  I cannot wait to go to the next one, next time I will know what to take and I will be with my cafty friends and I will make sure to stop at Starbucks on the way.

Thanks for reading and God bless.

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