M. I. A.

Yes, I am missing in action. I am here, creating and keeping busy, I just haven`t posted anything because I am busy with my son since he is on summer vacation.  We have done a bunch of stuff, puzzles, going to museums, seen a movie, went to visit one set of grandparents, and much much more.  I promise Here is a picture to wet your (crafting) appetite.  I got this gorgeous lace/trim from the Prima warehouse sale.  Oh yes, my goodies from Prima have kept me busy.  I keep staring at the beautiful things I bought and I drool and stare and drool, it`s a vicious circle I tell you. 

Yes, I will show some project soon, hold your breath for some beautiful lace my mom gave me. 

Meanwhile, God bless.
Check out my YouTube channel for lots of inspiration, channel name is Lizaspaperpassion



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One thought on “M. I. A.

  1. That trim is to drool over….lucky you got to go to the Prima Warehouse sale….much fun and over whelming at the same time I’m sure….can’t wait to see what you create….your projects are always an inspiration! Glad to see you are creating and keeping busy…enjoy!! ♥Noel

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