Cheesecloth anyone?

I know what cheesecloth is and it is to use cheese.  Did you say duh? I know, I did too!  Ok, so I saw this talented lady on YouTube making shaby chic flowers.  At first glance it looked easy so I went and bought some cheesecloth and got to work.  First one I made, see ginormous one below without center, turned out ginormous and ugly.  Turns out practice does make perfect and cheesecloth is even harder to work with than tulle – at least when making flowers.  I found myself smelling the cheesecloth (yes I sure did) and wondering how people make cheese out of this unruly material.  After the first flower, I got frustrated and turned my glue gun off.  A few hours later, I was back at it, cutting and fighting with the cheesecloth.  I watched the video again, and found that I cut my squares way to big so instead of eyeballing 2 inches, I actually measured and tada, it came out pretty.  Now, to cut more cheesecloth and make more…..  yes….more!!  I must make more. 



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7 thoughts on “Cheesecloth anyone?

  1. ahahaha you are funny…they don’t make cheese out of the cloth that’s what they strain the mixture through and it takes all the liquid out and whats left is the cheese….heehee! Your flowers are gorgeous…can’t wait to see them on Skype!! TFS ♥Noel

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