I like to say the word doily over and over again, it just rolls off my tongue naturally.  I never used to like them, thought they were old-fashioned and so not my style.  Now I love them.  I have been using the paper doilies, you know the kind you find in the baking section, the small ones?  It adds a special touch to my paper-crafting projects.  During Valentine`s day, they even had red heart dolies, cute huh?  I like doilies so much that I even bought the Martha Stewart “vintage doily” punch around the page set.  (See pic below.)  It was very pretty when it was working but the corner punch broke after a few times so it is sitting in my pile of things to exchange at J.  Not sure why I went off tangent…oh yeah, I was talking about doilies of all shapes. 

So in my doiliy obsession, came across a YTvideo (I love YT) that this lady was making beautiful hand made flowers from folding doilies.  I told myself I must acquire some crocheted doilies to make some myself, except for they are hard to find!  Did you know that?  Well, now you do. 

There is a certain angel (which shall remain unnamed) found doilies for me!  I am so excited and happy and excited again!  So for now, as I do each time I post, here are some pictures of doliies, I know it won`t make you drool but enjoy anyway and I promisse, as soon as I make delicious doily flowers, YOU will be the first ones to see it, right here on this blog.

Meanwhile, I loaded some videos on YouTube, check them out!








My name is Liza and I am obsessed with doilies.  Please help me.  Lol

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