How to find your mojo.

We all have times when we lose our mojo.  We look everywhere for it, we clean up our scrappy area, we check out our favorite blogs, look on FaceBook (I have a special set up to look up scrapbook companies), and when all else fails, we go to YouTube.  Yes, that is one of the places I find my mojo.  Since I subscribe to several talented people, there is almost always new projects to try.  I like watching people create, to see them explain things…really interesting.

Also, I am blessed to have a crafty friend who really “gets my style” and she is always sending me YT videos that I should look at it.  I like that she pushes me to look at new things, and I do the same for her!  Yes, that even means to work on an altered bottle with a certain doll stamp.  Yes, I will be pushing my creative limits.  Stay tuned and watch out, my mojo is going strong and I must go find a bottle to alter, but first, off to my son`s music class concert. 

Now, go find your mojo and create!

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3 thoughts on “How to find your mojo.

  1. Great post….and so true! It’s always nice to have a crafty friend you can create with while Skyping…can’t wait to see your doll in a jar! Hugs Noel

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